Feedback for Implementation of Continuous Quality Assurance for Medication Safety

Pharmacist  ·  April 30, 2017

I strongly agree with implementing a standardized CQA program. I believe pharmacy staff will work more focused to prevent near misses and/ errors, and if dispensing error happened they can report without fear and owners or head offices will take it serious to review all contributing factors and to improve the area of practice. of course fairness is the key point. All pharmacy staff, owners and head offices support is necessary. for a successful implementation and is more reasonable to implement in 2 phases. I believe the root cause of majority of dispensing errors is Stress, understaffed, overworked and exhaustion which need proper resolution. in my daily practice to overcome these barriers I put all my personal issues and problems back the door, take a deep breath and only focus on my practice and patient care. I fortunately have enough time to check all steps of dispensing a prescription two times. All supplies, stock, files.....are tagged and keeping organized. General information about dispensing error, when,how and where to report is posted at the dispensary as a daily reminder and information purpose, and reporting forms are easily accessible. Near misses/errors notes in the communication note book, and focus is more on improving the quantity and quality of professional services rather than the prescription count. I found these strategies are very effective to prevent dispensing errors. Thanks

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