Feedback for Implementation of Continuous Quality Assurance for Medication Safety

Pharmacist  ·  May 1, 2017

Having implemented a similar program in hospital practice, I am sharing a few comments based on experience: - Definitions: it is critical to ensure clarity regarding defintions pertaining to an 'error' vs. 'incident', and to ensure referencing a source that is broadly agreed upon not only in Canada but world-wide - doing so will help not only the practitioners and team members reporting the 'error', but also ensure accuracy in data analysis and reporting so that this is meaningful, and can readily guide interpreting trends, comparing trends, and reporting results;

  • it will be important to have a consistent 'tool' amongst pharmacies - recognize that some may already have a process in place that they developed and is working well for them;

  • provide time to train and education as well as prepare pharmacies for the 'culture' change in making errors transparent;

  • remove the stigma of reporting through a 'no blame and no shame' mentally - we need to report to raise awareness to errors and enable continuous quality improvement - that it is not intended to negatively affect anyone's job/ role or be punitive.

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