Feedback for Proposed Changes to the Pharmacy Act (Registration and Quality Assurance)

Pharmacy Technician  ·  Sept. 28, 2017

Having just recently completed the SPT myself with little benefit from it, I agree with the amendments to the act. For someone who has years of experience in pharmacy already, forcing a pharmacy technician candidate to complete a certain numbers of weeks/hours as part of their training can be more a hindrance than a help. I also believe that the 12 week SPT training is too short for someone who only has college education and very little working experience in pharmacy. There is no minimum amount of hours one must complete before feeling competent. By eliminating the hourly reporting of practice, It puts the onus on the individual to truly self reflect on their knowledge and whether they feel they can safely practice. I do have concern that this may allow more candidates to get licensed sooner than they should and lack the experience to work to their full scope safely. The SPT program for technicians needs a complete overhaul. Allow the preceptor and preceptee to assess their progress more freely and come to a consensus on how long the training should be. Allow the preceptor to notify the college when they feel the candidate is fully competent to be licensed. The preceptee should not only be judged on their knowledge, but also their attitude. Completing all of the assignments provided in the SPT correctly does not mean the individual should be allowed to practice if they have poor relations with the clientele or their colleagues. Having the correct attitude towards patient care is more important than knowing everything, and I personally do not want to be cared for by people who are only in the field for the money.

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