Feedback for Proposed Changes to the Pharmacy Act (Registration and Quality Assurance)

Applicant  ·  Oct. 13, 2017

For international pharmacy graduates.......

  1. While it is imperative to ensure that language proficiency is up to standard for each member in order to effect proper communication in the workplace, it is an unnecessary step for pharmacists whose FIRST language is English to have to sit a Test of English exam in order to complete the registration process. Consideration should definitely be given for this step to be eliminated or modified. Instead, monitoring could be done by preceptors at the initiation of the PACE program. If any "triggers" (defined by NAPRA) are detected then recommendation could be made for that individual to do such testing or to complete a recommended course to sharpen use of the English language (depending on the level of incompetency detected).

  2. Modify the requirement for the Bridging Program so that it is mandatory after 3 failed attempts at the Qualifying Exams (instead of after the first attempt). Failing at the first attempt is not a strong enough indicator that an individual needs this kind of intervention. For an individual who would like to re-sit the exam right away, the bridging program, while having its advantages, reduces such individual's focus on some core areas that this exam covers and lengthens the time period for a pharmacist to complete registration and be fully functional.

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