Feedback for Exemptions and Exclusions Under the Employment Standards Act

Pharmacist  ·  Nov. 17, 2017

OCP protects the public. Then you should be protecting the public by ensuring the people who provide service to the public (i.e., Pharmacists) are: 1) Not over worked 2) taking MANDATORY breaks from the constant stress of day-to-day dispensing 3) Not afraid to stay home when they're sick in order to prevent the spread of illness to the general public, currently employers threaten employees to ensure they do not call in sick, yes I said threaten. 4) Ensuring that expanded scope of practice means SAFE expanded scope of practice by enabling pharmacists regular RIGHTS that other employees have. 5) Enforcing management to take more of an active role in dispensing and expanded scope of practice during times of need (I.e., flu shot season, lunch times, breaks, cough and cold season etc...)

Including pharmacists into the ESA will not negatively affect business, public safety or pharmacist availability if management starts picking up the slack. Big box stores don't want us included into the ESA as that means management will have to step into the dispensary and relieve pharmacists for breaks or provide pharmacists with overlap meaning more $'s spent. Well, tough, pharmacists are inching closer and closer to being at a tipping point where we all refuse to be abused, taken advantage of, and bullied to violate our code of ethics in order to increase revenues by doing more medreviews, vaccinations, and refills with less-and-less staffing. It's about time we start talking about regular meal breaks which I so desperately support. Reading some of the comments about having an uninterrupted meal time of 1 hr where the pharmacies dispensary is closed will negatively impact patients... I will add this: Pharmacies can avoid this by having lock and leave cupboards, leaving the pharmacy open to sales while the pharmacist is away, accepting prescriptions and having technicians enter, fill, and count rx's so that when the pharmacist returns they are able to catch up on work they missed and counsel patients accordingly. I think the majority of the public would rather have a pharmacist that is not rushing, thinking about how hungry they are or how bad they need to use the restroom while they have 10 flu shots to give out, 10 patients waiting for their rx's ... all this while also calculating methadone dosing/dispensing. These tasks require absolute top-notch mental acuity in order to ensure patient safety, allowing pharmacists to operate with anything less is a disservice to the public. Everyone who has read this far, please support this initiative to provide simple basic rights to our profession and prevent the spread of business-minded pharmacy practice.

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