Feedback for Exemptions and Exclusions Under the Employment Standards Act

Pharmacist  ·  Nov. 17, 2017

Since I got my lisence and worked as a pharmacist, I felt that I am not a human being, I've taking for granted that I have to work with no breaks, doesn't matter what I want, how do I feel, and all that because patient care not to be interrupted. I am not sure why this is not the case when doctor's office close for an hour lunch every day. If patient knows that pharmacists are human being eats , drinks, go to washroom they may respect us more and not take our service for granted. I will be providing better service when my needs are met and I do not need to apologize for going to the washroom. Taking 1/2 an hour break will be good idea to prevent dispensing errors. So many pharmacists get confused and do lots of errors when their blood sugar drop so low when they are working with no break. I hope something will be done for that abuse of pharmacists that's been going on for so long in the profession.

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