Feedback for Exemptions and Exclusions Under the Employment Standards Act

Pharmacist  ·  Nov. 17, 2017

1) Issue of fairness; have the exemptions applied to pharmacy techs, or just pharmacists? Are we not supposed to be professionals regulated by the same college? 2) Issue of fairness; Most retail pharmacists, and all hospital pharmacists, are employees, not owners, and as there is no longer a shortage of pharmacists, but rather an over-supply, there can be no excuse for a pharmacy to be left without a pharmacist, if we were to be given breaks, holidays, vacations, etc. 3) Public safety; a pharmacist not getting a chance to eat their meal(s), nor getting sufficient washroom breaks, will have his/her focus/concentration compromised, thus increasing the potential for error. 4) Public safety; a pharmacist working 12 hours (or more) in a row will become tired, increasing the risk for error. 5) Public safety; a pharmacist not given adequate vacation time, or stat holidays, to rest, will not only become burned-out, but will inevitably seek out better employment, thus taking his/her focus off the current job, and increasing the risk for error. 6) Public safety; a tired, over-worked, frustrated pharmacist will not always be pro-active in completing the day's duties, leaving work for the next shift. This delay can also compromise patient safety in that timely dispensing may not occur (I've seen this happen dozens of times). The bottom line is that ALL health professionals must feel they are treated fairly to ensure their professionalism on the job. Reducing job stress will help maximize public/patient safety.

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