Feedback for Proposed Changes to the DPRA regulations

Public  ·  March 30, 2015

While I agree whole heartedly with the college coming in to hospital pharmacies to oversee what is going on as well as give expectations, I would also ask that they please consider that small rural hospitals seem to continually be underfunded. I would love to see the college come in and demanded certain things to change, I work in a hospital where the norm has been for us to make do with what we have. While I believe we have done a great job with what we have, knowing that a hospital just 45 minutes up the road was given approval for $100,000.00 plus more in funding is very upsetting. Safety has always been the first priority of our manager and staff and we work very hard to carry out this endeavor. please set these guidelines with at least the thought that we don’t always get the funding required to implement all of the technology as well as the equipment to follow through with all of these things that will be set upon us. Thank you

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