Feedback for Exemptions and Exclusions Under the Employment Standards Act

Pharmacist  ·  Nov. 18, 2017

Many pharmacists are providing feedback that they are under extreme stress and that they do not have time to eat or have breaks. I agree with you. However the concept of workload vs. being included in ESA to have break and lunches DO NOT solve this challenge. The workload challenge we have today is stemming from labour model (i.e. allocation of resource against the incoming volume of work). This is fundamentally different concept than ESA, since the only viable option to enforce ESA in pharmacy setting would be to close the pharmacy during each break and lunch. But in pragmatic reality, those volumes would simply be carried over to after the break or lunch and the cycle repeats. Hence, putting specific terms around when and how to eat or have breaks rather than managing on our own is worse than current. But to address the root cause of the inability or difficulty of managing our own lunch and breaks is from the mismatch of operational volume vs. resource. The discussion we need to have on this is how to put standards around Script/Service per Hour per resource and relieve the pressure through easing. If we believe that inclusion to ESA will resolve this challenge, this is an overly simplified thinking to a multidimensional complex problem that involves more than regulation. So please, let's not jeopardize our professionalism on this because I do not believe this is even the right approach in having this conversation.

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