Feedback for Exemptions and Exclusions Under the Employment Standards Act

Pharmacist  ·  Nov. 18, 2017

I've worked my share of 12 to 16 hour shifts, without break, filling 200-400 prescriptions. There's no way that I did not make any mistakes during those shifts. Luckily I've not killed anyone I know of, but it could be only a matter of time. What is the current stats on pharmacy rate of errors? 1 in 10 Rx's is filled incorrectly? Well these ridiculous shifts without breaks probably have some implication.

I don't think allowing pharmacists to have breaks will impact care. Many/most physician offices are closed for breaks. Hospital staff all get breaks, including ER staff. Why would a 30-60 min max wait at a pharmacy be a problem? I can't imagine what could be so urgent that a patient can't wait for 30 to 60 min. It may not be convenient for the patient's who arrive during a pharmacist's break, but at least they'll later have a refreshed pharmacist looking at their Rx who is less likely to make mistakes.

Having breaks for pharmacists may make the employer's job a little more interesting, but they will deal. Grocery store pharmacies mostly have barriers that can be put up during breaks to close the pharmacy while the grocery stores continues operation. For pharmacies that don't have barriers, maybe the pharmacist could stay on site, eat and rest in the back uninterrupted and the pharmacy stays open and the tech can run things to their limits.

The exception for pharmacists from the employment standards act should be removed. I'm a little disappointed that it is the government who starting this ball rolling, and not our own college but I am glad it is being assessed, finally. Overworked, hungry and tired pharmacists are danger to their community.

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