Feedback for Exemptions and Exclusions Under the Employment Standards Act

Pharmacist  ·  Nov. 19, 2017

I work 16 hours straight shift on Saturdays and Sundays in alternative weekend ( 8 am to 12 midnight for consecutive 2 days) . It is very difficult to manage at the end of day but nothing to do. And no assistant help after 8 or 9 pm on the weekdays and after 5 or 7 pm on weekends. Mistake happens when someone is overworked, tired or exhausted due to long long busy hours of standing work and overall lack of Pharmacy Assistants support. Also targets for professional services puts the pharmacist under tremendous mental pressure and sometimes become stressful to manage the quotas. It seems Pharmacist are always under pressure from Associate owner, Pharmacy Managers and so on. So far I know Pharmacist in Walmart Pharmacy gets 30 minutes lunch break and it has been highly appreciated for everyone. There is a notice board in Walmart Pharmacy for the lunch break time for Pharmacist . I don't work in Walmart but I have respect for Walmart corporate policy. If they can do then other Pharmacy can at least try to do that. Pharmacists need a fair environment to work with so that Pharmacists can give their best service to their patients. I am very hopeful that there will be some changes very soon which will make the workplace more safe for the Pharmacist and patients.

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