Feedback for Exemptions and Exclusions Under the Employment Standards Act

Pharmacist  ·  Nov. 19, 2017

The duties and responsibilities of pharmacists are continually increasing and yet our wages/salary are decreasing more each year. I have seen relief pharmacists get paid almost the same as pharmacy assistants. Problem is..there is an increase number of pharmacy students being admitted each year and we are continually accepting more international pharmacists. Yes, there should be a minimum wage for pharmacists so pharmacies (esp big chains) can stop trying to take advantage of the market and lowball our wages.

The college needs to understand that for most pharmacies, pharmacists are being overworked to the max - no breaks and always short-staffed. Patient safety is a huge concern and yet companies don't care because it is not their license on the line. If anything happens, they can just point the finger to the pharmacist. Dispensing prescriptions (ensuring patients are getting correct meds, checking for interactions, contacting other healthcare professionals, clarifying Rxs) for 8-12 hours/day is mentally exhausting...I'm shocked that we are not allowed any breaks when other healthcare professionals such as physicians and nurses have that right. I understand that the concern is patients may not have timely access to their meds if we go on breaks...however, when they see their doctors, they can wait for hours and yet they can't wait half an hour at the pharmacy to get their meds?

For the past few years, pharmacists' responsibilities have grown tremendously, and companies are expecting us to do MedsChecks, flu shots, run clinics, cash out groceries, OTC counselling, and dispensary/counselling with less and less staffing. I am not surprised if drug errors are happening more often. There should be some sort of mandatory minimum number of staffing hours required in the dispensary for big chains.

This profession is becoming a joke, and we have allowed this to happen due to too many pharmacists desperately needing jobs.

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