Feedback for Exemptions and Exclusions Under the Employment Standards Act

Public  ·  Nov. 20, 2017

I am a 4th year UofT pharmacy student, there's no such option in the drop-down menu above.

I believe that the pharmacy profession has been advocating for the health and wellness of the public for a long time. It is time for the profession to look after the health and wellness of its members. Community pharmacists have the privilege to work with great team members to provide exceptional patient care. On a daily basis, while the pharmacist manages the eating break of his/her team, the pharmacist would just munch on granola bars or stuff their face whenever they can.

Just because a person puts on a white coat does not make them superhuman, it does not mean they do not need to urinate, eat, or sit down to rest their feet. Putting on a white coat does not mean a person loses his/her basic human rights. Pharmacists are human too, and their health and wellness are also important. They are also part of the population health that the government cares about.

Having a designated eating period within the pharmacy is not much to ask.

Although patient care is a top priority, medication can still be provided in a timely manner. However, the end goal of timely patient care cannot come at the expense of another person's health and wellness on a daily basis.

There has to be a solution that provides timely patient care and basic human rights to pharmacists.

One idea out of the box: Since multiple pharmacies exist some plaza, there can a network of pharmacies that rotates the eating period. If 3 pharmacies within 5 km, pharmacy A take break at 11:30, pharmacy B take break at 12:00, pharmacy C take break at 12:30.

I do understand for the rural areas, there are a limited number of pharmacies. However, in those cases, owners will just have to cover their staff pharmacist's lunch break or have an overlap pharmacist.

Thank you for your hard work towards a fair workplace for all

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