Feedback for Exemptions and Exclusions Under the Employment Standards Act

Pharmacist  ·  Nov. 21, 2017

We The Pharmacist work as a trusted healthcare professional to contibute towards patients and community well being. In the matter of trust we stand after Physicians. With the expanding role of ours expectations towards us have reached a new level and this is the time to make changes in order to prevent loss of trust and maintain standards for the time we give working hard to become one of the Trusted Healthcare Professional. Pharmciat profession should get the same rights as a minimum wage employee gets. A minimum wage for a Pharmacist should be set at $50 an hour considering the number of Rx and professional services been provided at a pharmacy. With the decline in the wages in the past couple of years it seems that Pharmacist been exploited by the agencies which provides relief shifts to the individuals. I am not against the agencies but also there should be a stabdard set to what extent an agency can take their commision. A break from such a busy schedule is much needed atleast for 15 mins every 4 to 5 hours. Also time and half should be provided after working above certain number of hours per week.

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