Posting Guidelines

To ensure transparency and encourage open dialogue, the feedback we receive is published in accordance with the posting guidelines below.

  1. Names of individuals are not posted with their feedback – individuals are categorized as pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, applicants or members of the public.
  2. Names of organizations are posted with their feedback.
  3. The College does not edit feedback, and all comments are posted exactly as they are received.
  4. Comments that may identify a third-party will be returned to the individual or organization who originally submitted them before they may be posted.
  5. The College does not review and is not responsible for the accuracy of content of any feedback or associated references or links that are posted.
  6. The College reserves the right to refuse to post feedback, in whole or in part, that, in its sole discretion:
    • Is unrelated to the policy or issue under consultation
    • Contains complaints and/or compliments about identifiable pharmacists or pharmacy technicians
    • Is abusive, obscene, harassing/threatening (may include; potentially defamatory or libellous comments)
    • Does not comply with the College’s Privacy Policy