Inquiries, Complaints & Reports Committee

The Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee (ICRC) oversees all investigations into a practitioner’s conduct, competence and capacity (this includes pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, students or interns). The Committee oversees all complaint investigations, Registrar’s investigations and health inquiries. Meeting in small groups or panels, they consider the facts of each case, review submissions from both the complainant and practitioner, and make reasonable efforts to consider the records and documents related to the case.

Council Members:

  • Rachelle Rocha (Chair)
  • Kathy Al-Zand
  • Lisa Dolovich
  • David Breukelman
  • Billy Cheung
  • Mike Hannalah
  • Azeem Khan
  • Tom Kontio
  • Elnora Magboo
  • James Morrison
  • Sylvia Moustacalis
  • Joan A. Pajunen
  • Goran Petrovic
  • Sony Poulose
  • Leigh Smith
  • Dan Stapleton
  • Joy Sommerfreund
  • Gene Szabo

Non-Council Members:

  • Elaine Akers
  • Sajjad Giby
  • Frank Hack
  • Bonnie Hauser
  • Wassim Houneini
  • Mary Joy
  • Rachel Koehler
  • Elizabeth Kozyra
  • Chris Leung
  • Jon MacDonald
  • Dean Miller
  • Vyom Panditpautra
  • Aska Patel
  • Chintan Patel
  • Saheed Rashid
  • Dan Stringer
  • Frank Tee
  • Tracy Wiersema

Staff Resource:

  • Katryna Spadafore