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[Video] Evolution: The Necessary Shifts in Focus

Video - Evolution - The Necessary Shifts in Focus - Ontario College of Pharmacists

In the video excerpt “Evolution: The Necessary Shifts in Focus,” College CEO and Registrar Marshall Moleschi introduces the idea that a shift in focus is required by both the College and practitioners in order to better support our mandate to serve and protect the public. 

As Moleschi explains, historically more focus has been on the protect aspect of our mandate. For the College this has meant a focus on adherence to the "rules" – legislation and policies. For practitioners it has meant an emphasis on "dispensing" – ensuring that the prescription is filled accurately.

While Moleschi acknowledges the need to continue to be diligent in these areas, he challenges the profession by asking, “what about our responsibility to serve?” He’s referring to the part of our mandate that calls on practitioners to proactively apply their knowledge, skills and abilities to the individual needs of patients to optimize their health outcomes.

Moleschi points to the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics – the foundational documents that outline minimum expectations of practice and behaviour – for guidance in this area. He reminds practitioners that their focus must not be limited by “what can I do to prevent harm?" It's important to also ask the question, “what can I do to serve my patients and help make them better?”

Supporting practitioners, through coaching and mentoring, to better understand and more consistently practice to these standards is the shift in focus the College is currently making.

Watch the video excerpt now: “Evolution: The Necessary Shifts in Focus”


Baseline Assessments Reveal Opportunities for Hospital Pharmacies

Map of hospital practice visits

Throughout last year, the College conducted baseline assessments on all of Ontario’s 224 hospital pharmacies in preparation for final oversight authority expected in the next few months.  

The baseline assessments were conducted with the same focus on coaching and mentoring as the community practice assessments are – an approach that results in great learning opportunities. As Ming Lee, a hospital practice advisor with the College recently commented, “As we left, all facilities felt it was worthwhile. They all learned something, and know what they have to work on”.

To learn more about the key opportunities and findings from the baseline assessments be sure to read the recent article in the Winter 2016 issue of Pharmacy Connection (link below) where College hospital practice advisors share their stories and insights.

Read the article now: "Baseline Assessments Reveal Opportunities for Hospital Pharmacies"


A Wealth of Practice Tools Available to You

OCP Practice Tools

Did you know that the College has a Practice Tools section on the website that brings together information about specific practice topics into one central location? Topics are listed in alphabetical order and offer quick access to relevant policies, guidelines, fact sheets, videos, articles and FAQs. Topics include:

  • Administering Injections
  • Designated Managers
  • Expanded Scope
  • Interprofessional Collaboration & Teamwork
  • Medication Incidents
  • Methadone and Buprenorphine
  • Narcotics
  • Patient Relationships
  • Pharmacy Technicians
  • Record Keeping, Scanning and Documentation
  • Much more!

Be sure you’re taking advantage of these valuable resources!

Access the Practice Tools now!

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