Innovative Learning Platform to Help Pharmacy Professionals Provide Higher Quality Patient Care

Program designed to improve knowledge in high priority areas such as use of naloxone, immunization administration and more

Published Jan. 25, 2018, 9:55 a.m.

The University of Waterloo School of Pharmacy is pleased to mark the official launch of Pharmacy5in5, an interactive learning platform designed to help pharmacists and pharmacy technicians throughout the province provide high quality patient care by strengthening their knowledge in a variety of practice areas. The innovative platform was developed by the University of Waterloo School of Pharmacy with support from the College.

Recognizing the time pressures faced by many pharmacy professionals, the platform lets practitioners test their knowledge on a given topic by taking a short quiz and answering just five questions in five minutes. Topics include renewals, immunization, injection administration, adaptations, naloxone, and more, and will be updated and added to over time.

At the end of each quiz, pharmacy professionals can view their score and see which questions they have answered incorrectly. They’ll also have the opportunity to improve their knowledge by reviewing a number of resources on the topic they were assessed in. These resources were created specifically for Pharmacy5in5 and include cases, videos, infographics, helpful websites, and more.

In addition, Pharmacy5in5 adds up practitioners` scores based on all the quizzes they`ve completed and lets them see how they performed (what their ranking is) in comparison to other pharmacy professionals who have taken the quizzes.

According to University of Waterloo professor and Pharmacy5in5 program lead, Kelly Grindrod, “The platform was developed using educational psychology and health services research, including theories of behaviour change, multimedia learning, audit, feedback and game-based learning.”

Based on user experience, the program team will be able to understand knowledge trends and gaps, as well as learning styles, so the right resources can be made available on the right topics at the right times.

Furthermore, information gleaned from the aggregate results of user experiences with the platform will ultimately help both OCP and the University of Waterloo understand pharmacy professionals’ progress in optimizing their scope of practice and providing safe and quality pharmacy care. All responses to Pharmacy5in5 are anonymous and OCP will see aggregate data only.

“Pharmacy professionals need to stay abreast of current and emerging issues in practice and Pharmacy5in5 helps practitioners stay up-to-date with these issues. The College encourages all practitioners to use the platform on an ongoing basis for this reason,” said Susan James, Director of Quality at OCP.

Take advantage of this innovative learning platform today. Simply log into the Pharmacy5in5 website and take a fun, interactive quiz on a topic of interest. It`s anticipated that a Pharmacy5in5 app, which will be compatible with both iPhone and Android devices, will be available at the end of the year.

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