Pharmacy Professionals Have a Role to Play in Ontario’s Opioid Crisis

Published Sept. 11, 2017, 2:39 p.m.

Ontario is facing an opioid crisis and the harms associated with the abuse and misuse of opioids continue to increase. Recognizing the important role pharmacy professionals can play in helping to curb this serious public health issue, the College is developing a comprehensive Opioid Strategy that will complement local, provincial and national efforts underway to reduce addiction and mortality due to opioids. This strategy will be presented to College Council at its September meeting.

The Opioid Strategy will build on the College’s existing commitment to providing professionals with a number of practice tools and other resources related to opioids. These resources aim to help pharmacy professionals in providing appropriate care and support for patients who have been prescribed narcotics, while also helping to reduce the abuse and misuse of opioids and prevent overdose and addiction. These tools include:

Please read more about the Opioid Strategy and stay tuned for updates following the September Council meeting.