OCP Registrar Announces Retirement

Published July 4, 2016, 4 p.m.

A message from Esmail Merani, President and Regis Vaillancourt, Vice President, Ontario College of Pharmacists

It is with mixed emotion that we announce the retirement of Marshall Moleschi, Registrar of the Ontario College of Pharmacists, effective September 30, 2016.

Over the past 5 years, Marshall has admirably guided the College relentlessly ensuring we stay focused on our vision – to lead the advancement of pharmacy to optimize health and wellness through patient-centred care. From expanded scope for pharmacists to oversight of hospital pharmacies, Council and College staff have relied heavily and benefitted greatly from Marshall’s experience and expertise as a strategist and visionary leader. With quiet confidence and resolve, Marshall has been instrumental in strengthening the public protection mandate of the College and the value of pharmacy professionals to internal and external stakeholders alike, including NAPRA, FHRCO, and the Ministry.

Marshall was instrumental in introducing the College’s fundamental shift in focus from compliance to rules towards coaching and mentoring to Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. Introducing new practice-based assessments for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians as well as a new Code of Ethics for the profession are just a few of the many initiatives that have been successfully introduced under Marshall’s tenure. He has also significantly enhanced operations, introducing a culture of continuous quality improvement to ensure ongoing efficiencies throughout the organization.

On behalf of Council, we wish to thank Marshall for his dedication over the years and are confident that under his leadership, the College has in fact strengthened its mandate to serve and protect the public interest.

We wish him a rewarding and restful retirement.