Winter Issue of Pharmacy Connection Now Online

Published Feb. 20, 2015, 10:24 a.m.

The winter 2015 issue of Pharmacy Connection is now available.

Contents of the fall issue:

  • Registrar's Message
  • Council Report
  • Commitment to Transparency
  • CQI Benefits Patients in Community Pharmacies
  • Update: College to Inspect Hospital Pharmacies
  • New Key Initiative on Website: Practice Assessments
  • Fact sheet: Advertising
  • One Year Later: OCP Website is a Great Resource for Practitioners
  • Patch 4 Patch Initiative: Fentanyl Abuse Prevention – A Shared Responsibility
  • Coroner’s Inquest, Polypharmacy and the Elderly
  • ISMP: An Opioid-Related Death in a Small Community Hospital
  • Respect for Patients on Opioid Agonist Maintenance Treatments (OAMT): No Place for Stigma
  • Discipline Decisions
  • Focus on Error Prevention: Similar Drug Names
  • Structured Practical Training: Now and the Future
  • Thank You Preceptors
  • CE Resources