ABCDE’s of Type 2 Diabetes



ABCDE’s of Type 2 Diabetes: Helping You Care for Your Diabetic Patients

Join Diane as she discusses how to use the Canadian Diabetes Association's ABCDE's of Diabetes within the pharmacy services framework of providing a CACP, SMMA or Diabetes SMMA Care Plan. Case studies will be used to highlight an approach to integrating laboratory data into patient assessments and monitoring of drug therapy. This session is a recording of a live presentation.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how every patient with diabetes qualifies for a billable Care Plan
  • Identify the optimal care plan opportunity for each patient with diabetes
  • Illustrate how to use the RxA Care Plan Template to provide quality diabetes Care Plans
  • Develop a strategy to incorporate tools provided by the Canadian Diabetes Association
  • Understand the importance of the ABCDEs and vascular protection in diabetes

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