ADAPT Patient Care Skills Development (CPha)



Transform your ability to manage your patients’ medication therapy  with ADAPT, an innovative, Certificate-level, skills development  program. ADAPT delivers evidence-based content from leading experts in  an interactive online learning environment.

ADAPT increases your confidence and experience in integrating new  patient care skills, processes and tools into your everyday practice,  including:

  • Conducting thorough medication assessments
  • Collaborating successfully with other health care providers
  • Interviewing and assessing your patients (incorporating physical assessment and laboratory data)
  • Making evidence based clinical decisions
  • Using validated documentation practices to support patient care
  • Developing and implementing care plans

ADAPT includes 7 online modules, each lasting 2-4 weeks. The entire  program lasts 19-22 weeks (including 1 or more weeks of study break,  depending on the time of year). The entire ADAPT program has been  accredited as a Certificate level program. In addition to CEUs,  participants may challenge a voluntary assessment process to receive  their Certificate in Patient Care Skills.  

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