Advanced Pain Assessment and Management



Built on WHO ladder for pain management, the content covers screening and assessment of various types of cancer pain, clinical pathway for the management of mild, moderate and severe pain, treatment with opioids, its titration and conversion guide, and the management for intractable pain.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:
•Explain cancer pain etiology and pathophysiology.
•Utilize evidence-based pain assessment tools and management strategies.
•Understand the selection of analgesic medications.
•Calculate opioids dosing and apply optimal administration method for effective pain control.
•Describe the management of intractable pain in palliation.
•Demonstrate knowledge of non-pharmacological interventions in managing cancer pain.
•Provide support and interventions to address the multi-dimensional impact of pain.

Offered 3 times a year: May, September, and January

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