Concurrent Disorders Certificate Program (CAMH)

Toronto, ON


The Concurrent Disorders Certificate Program is designed to help participants gain skills and knowledge to better identify, assess and provide treatment to people with concurrent disorders. This program requires the completion of a core course followed by two electives, plus a learning contract assignment (details will be provided at the start of the core course).  

To receive a certificate of completion for the Concurrent Disorders Certificate Program, you must:
  • successfully complete the Concurrent Disorders Core Course
  • successfully complete two elective courses within a four-year period after completion of the core course
  • complete all components of the certificate program’s practice integration plan activity
  • submit a written request to graduate, listing the specific courses you have completed to meet the requirements for a certificate.  

For More Information

Contact:  Robyn Steidman, Education Assistant

Tel. 416-535-8501 x36640