Finding Answers: Module 2 Online



The Ministerial Order is a legal document that outlines the publicly funded pharmacy services and the roles and responsibilities of the pharmacist when submitting claims for the provision of pharmacy services to Albertans. Join Diane as she describes the essentials of the Ministerial Order 23-2014.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand that the Ministerial Order 23-2014, (MO 23) is the legal document authorizing pharmacists to be compensated by the Alberta Government (Gov) for the provision of pharmacy services to Albertans
  • Explain how the compensation plan for pharmacy services within MO 23 defines the plan coverage and describes the eligible pharmacy services and associated coverage criteria
  • Describe the requirements pharmacists must know and follow when submitting claims for pharmacy services including: qualifying plan members, pharmacist authorization criteria, patient assessment requirements, consent, eligibility, collaboration

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