Immunization and Injections for Pharmacists (UofT)

Online and Live


Part 1 Date: To be completed anytime online at least 3 weeks prior to Part 2

Part 2 Date: Saturday, November 18, 2017

Part 2 Location: Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy


As Ontario pharmacists, you not only play a major role in advising patients about vaccines, you are looked to as key providers of immunizations and injections. Here’s an opportunity to hone your skills so you can confidently provide these services in your workplace. Immunization and Injections for Pharmacists is a unique two-part program, recognized by the Ontario College of Pharmacists (OCP), that combines online and in-person learning to address the theory and practical aspects of administering injections.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of Part 2, Theory and Technique in Administration of Injections—A Course for Practicing Pharmacists, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the theory and demonstrate techniques for giving injections to children and adults.
  • Demonstrate techniques for: drawing up medications, injecting medications and safe disposal of equipment.
  • Identify appropriate client counselling.
  • Describe the required monitoring for therapeutic and non-therapeutic client response.
  • Document the injection or immunization encounter.
  • Teach a patient to self inject.
  • Identify safe practices for administering injections and what to do in case of a needle stick injury.

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