Management of Dyspnea



The Management of Dyspnea course is based on Cancer Care Ontario guide to practice, covering the screening, comprehensive and focused assessment of dyspnea, and the evidence-based pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions. The content also includes effective exercises for the management of dyspnea for patients and families living in the community.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:
• Define dyspnea and explain the etiology of cancer related dyspnea.
• Explain common themes and impacts of dyspnea and explain the importance of a wholistic approach in assessment and management.
• Outline the physiology of breathing and pathophysiology of dyspnea.
• Identify the importance of using evidence based tools to assess dyspnea.
• List risk factors that contribute to dyspnea.
• Explain methods and tools used for screening and assessment of dyspnea (for cancer patients).
• List tests that may be utilized to determine underlying cause(s) of dyspnea.
• List the major non-pharmacological and pharmacological approaches for the
management and treatment of dyspnea.
• Apply patient education principles to promote patient participation in treatment.

Offered on demand, available year round to start at any time

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