TEACH Specialty Course Integrated Chronic Disease Prevention:  Addressing the Risks (CAMH)

Toronto, ON


This specialized course highlights the ways that various risk factors and the four major categories of non-communicable chronic diseases (cardiovascular disease, cancer, chronic respirator disease and diabetes) interact with tobacco dependence, and offers ways to intervene effectively in an integrated way. This course examines best and promising practices, and presents pharmacological strategies with diverse patient populations across the lifespan.

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

    -  Identify the contributing risk factors and modifiable behaviours for the four major categories of non-communicable chronic diseases

    -  Address chronic disease risk factors: Smoking, Physical Activity, Alcohol and other substances, Nutrition and Stress Tolerance (SPANS)

    -  Apply a framework to screen, assess and intervene with specific and interacting risk factors

    -  Integrate motivational interventions into clinical practice (agenda-setting) 

For More Information

Website:  www.teachproject.ca