Opening & Operating a Pharmacy

Whether you anticipate opening a new pharmacy, changing ownership (sale, acquisition), relocating or closing your pharmacy, the College requires timely notification and submission of documents and fees to ensure your transition is a smooth one.

As outlined by the Drug and Pharmacies Regulation Act, pharmacies must be owned and operated by a pharmacist or a corporation where the majority of directors of the corporation are pharmacists. Except for pharmacies operated under pre-1954 charters, corporations must also have the majority of each class of shares owned by and registered in the name of pharmacists or in the name of a pharmacy health profession corporation that is registered with the College.

The following fees are in effect:

  • Pharmacy new opening $1412.50 (incl. HST)
  • Pharmacy change in ownership $847.50 (incl. HST)
  • Pharmacy relocation $847.50 (incl. HST)
  • Pharmacy amalgamation $847.50 (incl. HST)

The College has proposed new by-law changes which include proposed changes to all College fees, including those associated with pharmacy applications. If approved, the changes will come into effect on January 1st, 2019 and will affect any application (regardless of submission date) with a proposed opening/transaction date in 2019. Please be aware that applications submitted in 2018 may need to submit additional fees should the proposed by-law changes be approved.