Peer Review Process

The Peer Review (Phase II of the Practice Review) is a clinical knowledge and practice-based assessment which is an integral part of OCP’s quality assurance program for pharmacists.

Pharmacists in Part A of the Register are randomly chosen to participate in the Peer Review. Currently, approximately 240 pharmacists per year are required to undergo the Peer Review. Peer Reviews are held in Toronto at the College four times a year.

Currently on hold.

The Peer Review is an assessment based on the standards of practice. It lasts approximately six hours and consists of:

  1. Orientation session (30 minutes)
  2. Learning Portfolio sharing session (60 minutes)
  3. Clinical Knowledge Assessment (CKA) consisting of 18 cases each followed by three multiple choice questions (120 minutes)
  4. Standardized Patient Interviews (SPI) during which interactions with trained standardized patients in 5 case scenarios will be assessed by peer assessors (75 minutes)
  5. General feedback session at the end of the review process


Watch the videos below to get a complete picture of the Peer Review from OCP staff and fellow practitioners who have participated in the Review.

1. An Introduction to the Practice Review:

2. The Clinical Knowledge Assessment

3. Standardized Patient Interview

4. Standardized Patient Sample Interview

5. Learning Portfolio Sharing Session

6. Practice Enhancement and Support

7. The Practice Review Opportunity