The best preparation for the Peer Review is active practice.

The following resources may also be useful:


  1. Peer Review Videos
  2. Quality Assurance Program Guide
  3. Map & Parking Information
  4. Reimbursement Policies for Travel and Accommodations
  5. Expense Form

Preparation — Clinical Knowledge Assessment

1. Sample Questions

Login to My Learning to access the sample questions.

2. Sample Assessment

The Clinical Knowledge Assessment (CKA) will be computer-based. A tutorial exam and sample exam have been created to assist you preparing for the computer-based assessment. The tutorial exam will assist you with navigation through the computer-based CKA. The sample exam provides some sample CKA cases and practice manoeuvring through the test environment. To access the online tutorial and sample exams:

  • Visit the CKA Tutorial Exam and Sample Exam
  • Follow the instructions to create a username and password. You may access the tutorial and sample account as often as you chose, simply return to the website and click "login" on the top menu bar.

Preparation — Standardized Patient Interviews

1. Peer Review Video Sample Cases

Watch the "Standardized Patient Interview" and "Standardized Patient Sample Interview" videos.

2. Communicating with Patients — Case Scenarios

  • Login to My Learning
  • Your User Name is your OCP number.
  • Your Password is your date of birth in the following format MMDDYY (use numbers only). For example, if your birth date is September 14, 1980 your password would be 091480. (Note: your password can be changed once you have logged in)
  • Click on Self-Assessment Tool and enter the Communicating with Patients section

3. The "10-Minute Patient Interview" Webcast

  • Register for a new account
  • Complete the information requested. This registration information is for your use only so that you will have access to the material. We do not have any means of tracking this information.
  • Remember your username and password so that you can access this presentation again in the future.
  • The video is password protected. The password is: ocpcpd