Graduate from CCAPP Pharmacy Technician Program

The chart shows fees and timelines specific to graduates from a CCAPP- accredited pharmacy technician program.

Fees are payable in Canadian dollars and do not include applicable taxes. In most cases, acceptable forms of payment to the College are Visa, MasterCard, American Express, cheque, money order or cash. However, fees for applications for a Certificate of Registration and the Jurisprudence Exam must be paid online by credit card. Third party organizations may have restrictions in the types of payments that they accept. Fees are subject to change.

Note: OCP's processing time may be longer than 10 days during peak periods.

Application Fees

Application Fee Processing Time Valid For Notes
Pre-registration application $300 +HST Up to 10 business days File kept open for 5 years May apply upon graduation from your pharmacy education program
Structured practical training (SPT) None Up to 10 business days 2 years. Accepted as current if you register as a pharmacy technician within 2 years of successful completion SPT.
Pharmacy technician final application $75 +HST Up to 10 business days Processed when all pharmacy technician registration requirements have been met

Jurisprudence Exam

Examination Fee Processing Time Valid For Notes
Jurisprudence Examination

Offered in February, May, August and November

Online application processed immediately

Paper application takes up to 10 business days

Results are released 4 to 5 weeks after the exam

3 years

Application deadline is Jan 1, Apr 1, Jul 1 or Oct 1 for the exam scheduled for the following month

Late application deadline is three weeks prior to the exam date (Late fee of $50 + HST applies)

New Registrant Fee

Dates Fee Processing Time Valid For Notes

Pharmacy technician registering between March 10 — Aug. 31


Valid until March 10 of following year

Applicable to your first year of registration only*

Pharmacy technician registering between Sept. 1 — March 9


Valid until March 10 of following year

Applicable to your first year of registration only*

*Annual member fee ($400 + HST) is due on or before March 10 of each subsequent year.

Third Party Fees

Third Party Fee Processing Time Valid For Notes

PEBC Qualifying Exam

Part I: $390

Part II: $950

Application — 3 months (approx)

Results — 8 weeks (approx)

Accepted as proof that your knowledge, skills and judgement are current for three years from latest pass date Must successfully complete both parts within 3 years of each other

Professional liability insurance


1 year. Must be maintained as long as you are registered as a pharmacist technician.

The College does not endorse any particular insurance provider.

Time & Cost Estimates

A graduate from a CCAPP-accredited pharmacy technician program who plans ahead to meet application timelines and complete each of the requirements in the minimum time could complete their registration process within six months.

Estimated fees paid to OCP are $475 plus the annual fee. These fees are outlined in the College By-Laws.

Estimated fees paid to third parties are $1,340 plus the annual liability insurance premium.

If you have questions about the registration process send an email to or phone 416-962-4861 or 1-800-220-1921 ext. 3400