Undergraduate from Ontario Pharmacy Program

If you are an undergraduate from the pharmacy program at the University of Toronto or University of Waterloo, follow the steps below to register as a pharmacist in Ontario.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

  • Graduate from your Program*
    • Your school must directly provide the College with evidence of your graduation or eligibility to graduate before you may proceed
    • Your status as a pharmacy student registered with the College automatically expires when you graduate. You will no longer be able to practise the authorized acts of the profession until you are registered as an intern or pharmacist.
  • Register as an Intern
    • Required if you wish to continue practising the authorized acts of the profession until you are registered as a pharmacist.
    • Obtain personal professional liability insurance
    • Login to your account to apply
    • Pay the intern application fee
    • Complete the Declaration of Good Character
    • Enter/update your practice information for any site where you will be practicing as an intern
    • Structured Practical Training Internship is not required for entry level PharmD graduates from Ontario pharmacy programs (For more information read this FAQ)

Step 4:

Step 5:

Fees & Timelines

Many of the requirements for registration have expiry dates to ensure that your knowledge, skills and judgment are current at the time of your final application. The chart that explains fees and timelines for undergraduates from an Ontario pharmacy program will help you anticipate the costs and time required to register as a pharmacist in Ontario.

*Non-exemptible requirement

If you have questions about the registration process send an email to memberapplications@ocpinfo.com or phone 416-962-4861 ext. 3400