Guidelines for Testing Accommodations

1. Requests for testing accommodations will be reviewed and approved on a case by case basis, using an external consultant as necessary. All requests will be reported for information at the following Committee meeting.

The candidate will provide a written request stating the disability or impairment, its impact on testing performance, and the accommodations that are being requested. The following disabilities will be considered:

  • Physical
  • Psychiatric
  • Hearing/Visual
  • Learning
  • Other

2. Evaluation of the disability or need for the requested accommodation must be completed by a qualified professional.

Professionals who are qualified in the assessment of the disability will be acceptable. Diagnosis in Ontario is a controlled act and may only be performed by qualified members of the College of Psychologists (CPO) and the College of Physicians and Surgeons (CPSO). The name, title, professional credentials and information about the license/certification of the evaluator must be included on the report outlining the diagnosis.

3. Evidence of the disability or need for accommodation must be provided by the qualified professional.

The candidate will arrange for supporting documentation of a previously identified disability or other need requiring an accommodation to be submitted to the College. This documentation must provide recent assessment of the disability and substantiate the candidate’s request for testing accommodations. The report must outline the diagnosis and make recommendations for appropriate testing accommodations stating why these are necessary. It must be submitted on letterhead, dated and signed by the qualified professional. If the assessment was completed during the candidate’s education, school records documenting the disability and the accommodations that were provided to the candidate will generally be accepted from the institution and may be considered sufficient.

The candidate may be requested to provide written consent to allow the College to contact all professionals or institutions submitting documentation on their behalf.

Note: An independent assessment of the candidate’s testing needs may be requested by OCP.

4. Accommodations specific to the individual will be provided upon review and approval.

The College will endeavour to support the candidate in providing appropriate and reasonable testing accommodations in accordance with the terms of the Ontario Human Rights Code to the point of “undue hardship”. This Code identifies three factors in determining whether a requested accommodation would cause undue hardship: 1) cost; 2) availability of outside sources of funding; and 3) health and safety requirements. Other factors that may be considered include the degree to which an accommodation negatively impacts other students and staff.

Each candidate will generally be provided with appropriate accommodations based on supporting documentation with the appreciation that individuals may require varying degrees of assistance. Accommodations requested by the candidate that have not been recommended by a qualified professional will not be provided.

Types of accommodations that may be provided include:

  • Extra time
  • Private room
  • Assistive technology (e.g. audio-taped exam)
  • Reader
  • Scribe or assistance with completion of Scantron-type answer sheet
  • Food/drink in exam room
  • Rest breaks during exam

5. Confidentiality

The College is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of the candidate’s disability. However, sufficient documentation will be required to be able to evaluate and provide necessary accommodations. The candidate is responsible for providing the College with the necessary information in a timely manner. This information will not be shared or released outside of the College without the written consent of the applicant.

6. Acceptance of testing accommodations by the candidate.

The candidate must sign and date a letter (refer to standard letter) prepared by the College clearly outlining the specific accommodations that he/she will be provided during the examination. This letter will confirm the candidate’s acceptance of the accommodations being provided to him/her before the examination.

Approved by Registration Committee - November 2009