Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of SPE?

The SPE program allows applicants to demonstrate their ability to:

  • Ensure accuracy and quality of the final product
  • Collaborate with the pharmacist in the release of the product
  • Document all aspects of drug distribution activities

How long does it take to complete SPE?

SPE takes a minimum of two weeks to a maximum of 12 weeks to complete. You may check a maximum of 50 orders/prescriptions per day.

What is the fee for SPE?

Currently there is no fee for SPE.

How do I begin SPE?

Find an evaluator and practice site that meet the criteria outlined by the College. Then submit your application online. It will take approximately 10 days for the College to process your application and you will receive an email with your login information. Be sure to watch the Online Orientation for Evaluators and Candidates

How do I find an evaluator?

Visit our page Find an Evaluator / Practice Site for more information about finding an evaluator. You might also want to review the Evaluator Criteria.

What if I make an error before I reach 500 accurately checked orders/prescriptions?

No errors are allowed in the checking process. If you make an error you will be informed by your evaluator who will review and discuss the errors with you. You’ll then have to restart the process starting at zero. This means, that even if you have 490 orders/prescriptions checked and an error is made, you must restart at zero. For more information you should watch the Online Orientation for Evaluators and Candidates.

How many attempts can I make at accurately checking 500 orders/prescriptions?

After your third unsuccessful attempt you must notify a registration advisor at before continuing. For more information you should watch the Online Orientation for Evaluators and Candidates.

How does the College know when I have completed SPE?

Once you have accurately checked 500 orders/prescriptions your evaluator should login and submit the completion checklist. You should login to the training portal to complete the program evaluation. Your online profile will be updated within one week.

My SPE is considered to be expired. Do I have to redo it?

The Registration Committee has approved a policy to extend the validity of SPE for pharmacy technician applicants who have been practising in a hospital pharmacy setting in the full scope of practice of a pharmacy technician. If you have been practising in a community pharmacy setting, or do not otherwise meet the decision criteria of the policy, your application will be referred to a panel of the Registration Committee.

How can I get more information about SPE?

For more information watch the Online Orientation for Evaluators and Candidates or contact

What type of insurance do I need if I am completing SPE on an unpaid basis?

Volunteers are not covered by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB). You should arrange for your own student accident insurance (sometimes called accidental death and dismemberment or AD&D insurance) that is comparable to WSIB. The College does not endorse any particular insurance carrier.