Board Establishes Position on Masking in Pharmacies

Posted:Jul 21st, 2020
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At a July 20 special meeting, the OCP Board of Directors considered positions on the use of medical and non-medical masks in pharmacies to decrease the likelihood of the spread of COVID-19.

The Board decided the College should continue actively supporting the guidance and policies made by provincial and municipal authorities respecting mask use, including mandatory use in some regions, and expects pharmacy professionals to abide by them to prevent exposure and spread of COVID-19. Their decision reaffirms the College’s approach to sharing appropriate resources with registrants since the pandemic began.

Please review the Board briefing note for background and analysis on the topic of masking in pharmacies, and on the options discussed by the Board members.
College staff will continue to provide pharmacy professionals with relevant guidance and updates as they become available to support the Board’s decision.

Please visit the College’s page on COVID-19 information for pharmacy professionals.