Council approves bylaw amendments and fee changes for 2019

Posted:Dec 13th, 2018
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In September 2018, Council approved for circulation per Section 94(2) of the Health Professions Procedural Code bylaw amendments that align the public register bylaws with requirements following the proclamation of the Protecting Patients Act, enable fee changes proposed in the 2019 Operational Budget and prepare for the anticipated approval of new Quality Assurance and Registration regulations that will remove the student class for pharmacists and introduce an intern class for pharmacy technicians.

At its December 2018 meeting, Council considered the feedback received through the consultation and discussed the need to move forward with the fee increases to adequately fund the College’s activities to fulfill its public-protection mandate and fiduciary responsibilities. The bylaw amendments, including the fee changes for 2019, were approved by Council. The fee changes will be effective January 1, 2019.

Commitment to using resources wisely

The College has a duty to regulate pharmacy practice in the public interest and to make sure that its programs and operations are fully funded in order to meet its responsibilities. It also has an obligation to use its resources wisely and to being a good fiscal steward in how it plans and delivers on its mandate year over year. This is a commitment that the College and its governing Council take very seriously, just as it does its public protection mandate.

This past year the College has already identified and implemented a number of organizational changes to better use its resources. It will continue to rigorously examine its process for operational efficiencies while strengthening its ability to act on its mandate and obligations to the public. Read the FAQs for additional information on the College’s approach and commitment to effective and responsible financial management.

As well, the College will examine cost recovery options for specific areas, such as discipline, to help reduce the disciplinary cost burden on the profession, which Council supported by directing College staff to develop a discipline cost recovery policy for review at its next meeting.

Based on the feedback received through the consultation, the College will also consider alternative ways of effectively communicating financial information while better informing registrants about the College’s regulatory role versus that of other professional bodies.

Council meetings are open to the public and anyone can view the financial information presented to Council as part of the budget review in the Council meeting materials. The September 2018 Meeting Materials, for example, outline in detail the need for the fee increases, a detailed breakdown of the bylaw amendments, and how the College’s operational budget is allocated.

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