Code of Ethics Infographic

Posted:May 26th, 2017
Read Time: < 1 Min Read

The College has developed a new infographic on the Code of Ethics. The infographic is a quick reference tool for pharmacy professionals on the Code. In particular, it was designed to:

  • Help pharmacy professionals remember the ethical principles of the Code over time
  • Act as a “quick reference” resource for pharmacy professionals that can be accessed off-line and can be posted on a bulletin board and/ or pharmacy fridge
  • Act as a useful teaching resource for pharmacist and pharmacy technician educators to post in classrooms and/ or practice labs
Upon renewal this year, all pharmacists and pharmacy technicians were require to declare that they’ve read and understand the Code. A copy of the Code of Ethics, along with the infographic, and Code of Ethics e-Learning modules and video practice examples are available on the College’s Code of Ethics page.