ECHO Concussion


ECHO Concussion covers topics related to persisting concussion symptoms, in children and adults, as well as diagnosis of acute and chronic concussion.

Program Learning Objectives:

  • Diagnosis: Improve assessment and diagnosis rates for concussion in primary care, including diagnosis of acute and prolonged concussion symptoms in all age groups.
  • Risk Reduction: Increase frontline clinicians’ expertise and competence in identifying and reducing risk for prolonged symptoms of concussion(s).
  • Management: Standardize and upgrade concussion management in primary care using evidenced-informed best practice guidelines developed by an international team of leading concussion experts.
  • Overall: Improve patient health outcomes by reducing protracted recovery and improving support for return to activity.

Fall 2021 Module, ECHO Concussion

Date and Time: Wednesday, 4:30pm – 5:45pm

Location: Videoconferencing


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