Med Safety Exchange – Webinar Series


Most healthcare organizations providing patient care in Canada independently collect and analyze medication incident data; and many of these organizations develop and implement recommendations arising from their investigations. The reporting and analysis of medication incidents, is one way stakeholders can become aware of medication safety risks, as well as the factors that may contribute to harmful incidents.

The valuable knowledge gained from a local analysis could benefit other healthcare providers and organizations at the provincial, national, and international levels. A cohesive, formal information-sharing strategy would facilitate a better understanding of reported medication incidents and would support the development of robust strategies for preventing patient harm, as well as creating a dynamic and supportive mechanism for shared learning.

The development of an online platform for sharing and learning from medication incident data analyses will increase participants’ awareness of key findings and recommendations from incident data, as well as current medication-related safety research and Health Canada warnings. This increased knowledge and awareness will inform system improvements within each healthcare setting.

Additionally, participation in the webinar will validate the benefits of error reporting in optimizing patients’ medication safety, thereby promoting the reporting systems themselves.

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