Online Opioid Self Assessment Program for Prescribers


This self-assessment module will enable participants to improve their opioid prescribing practices by engaging with the most current and updated 2017 Canadian Opioid Guideline and literature. The Online Opioid Self-Assessment Program (SAP) consists of a knowledge assessment where participants receive feedback about their knowledge base and gaps using case-based interactive knowledge questions. The feedback allows participants to identify specific areas for improvement and build appropriate learning plans as they are given a list of pertinent courses, workshops and reading materials to address where their knowledge gaps may exist in the following areas: Note that this program while intended for physicians, can also assist pharmacists in enhancing their knowledge in these areas and the application of the 2017 opioid guidelines for the purposes of collaboration with physician prescribers

Optimization of Non-Opioid Treatments

  • Titration of Opioids & Selection of Appropriate Dose
  • Prevention of Opioid Use Disorder and Overdose
  • Switching/Rotating Opioids, Decreasing/Tapering Dose of Opioids Safely
  • General Knowledge about Chronic Pain and Opioid Crisis.



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