Opioid Dependence Treatment (ODT) Certificate Program (CAMH)

Location: Online

The Opioid Dependence Treatment Certificate Program has been developed to prepare physicians, pharmacists, nurses and counsellors to provide a comprehensive range of services for people with opioid use disorder. All professionals are encouraged to complete the entire certificate program to improve their skills and knowledge in treating opioid use disorder. The certificate program is comprised of 39 hours, and the courses are accredited by the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Toronto for continuing medical education credits. To complete the certificate, individuals have to take the Opioid Use Disorder Treatment course and two or three additional elective courses in any order. Participants who are not pursuing the certificate have the option of taking elective courses independently.

Note: Enrollment in this course is extremely limited. Ontario pharmacists are encouraged to access the comparable OUDT course which also meets the OCP’s mandatory initial training requirement for dispensing methadone.