The Northwest company Non-Sterile Compounding (CCCEP approved)


The NAPRA Model Standards on Compounding of Non-sterile Preparations and Guidance Document are intended to ensure the safety of both the patients and the personnel involved in compounding non-sterile preparations.

Learning Objectives 1: Describe the roles and requirements of the national, federal, and provincial regulatory bodies for compounding non-sterile preparations.
Learning Objectives 2: Identify criteria for determining whether to compound a non-sterile product.
Learning Objectives 3: Describe and list the roles, responsibilities, and expectations of pharmacy personnel in non-sterile compounding.
Learning Objectives 4: Describe simple, moderate, and complex non-sterile compounds.
Learning Objectives 5: Describe and identify the protection necessary to avoid and protect personnel in non-sterile compounding.
Learning Objectives 6: Describe GAP Analysis and identify the requirements for infrastructure and cleaning of non-sterile compounding areas.