The Northwest Company Sterile Compounding (CCCEP approved)


The Sterile Compounding Course is a 13 part self learning package intended for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to become familiar with the NAPRA standards of sterile compounding. Each module is comprised of a presentation, followed by quizzes.

Learning Objectives 1: Understand the requirements of the NAPRA standards, list the different types of compounded sterile preparations, and understand the concepts of particulate and microbial contamination, and the difference between asepsis and sterility

Learning Objectives 2: Explain the responsibilities of personnel performing aseptic compounding activities and understand the specific clothing and personnel requirements for aseptic compounding

Learning Objectives 3: Describe the difference between primary and secondary controls and hazardous and non hazardous compounding

Learning Objectives 4: Identify monitoring parameters for sterile compounding environments, and describe how to perform them

Learning Objectives 5: Describe the purpose and process of gloved finger tip testing and media fill testing

Learning Objectives 6: Become familiar with, understand, and describe sterile compounded product calculations and documentation, including TPN, narcotic CADD, and oncology preparations.