The Why and How of Deprescribing by Barbara Farrell (Complimentary from OCP)

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Dr. Farrell€™s research interests include evaluating evolving pharmacist roles, educational needs of pharmacists and innovative models to improve medication-related care for the elderly.

Polypharmacy is significant in terms of its scope and impact. More than 65% of Canadian seniors take five or more medications. Multiple or inappropriate medication use among seniors is associated with non-adherence, adverse drug reactions, fall risk, medication errors, hospitalizations and mortality. Deprescribing – the reduction or stopping of medications – is a strategy to minimize unnecessary or problematic medication use.  This workshop focuses on decision-making with regard to deprescribing, as well as action and monitoring plans to ensure safety.  Case discussion will enable participants to identify individual learning needs and anticipate challenges.  Patient and health care professional collaboration will be discussed.

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