Documenting Patient Care e-Learning Module

The Documenting Patient Care e-Learning module was created by the Alberta College of Pharmacy (ACP) and is a comprehensive and detailed adjunct to the Chat, Check, and Chart (CCC) series of tools. The Ontario College of Pharmacists thanks the ACP for granting permission to use this module to benefit Ontario pharmacists and ultimately the Ontario public. The module has been adapted to reflect the NAPRA Model Standards of Practice for Pharmacists and the scope of practice for pharmacists in Ontario.

This four-part module reviews fundamental concepts of documenting patient care, focusing on the notes documented at routine patient encounters. This interactive module will provide pharmacists with tools to help them to document more effectively and routinely at their practice.

After completing this module, a pharmacist should be able to:

  1. Describe the importance and benefits of documenting patient care;
  2. Outline the standards of practice and the requirements for assessment and documentation;
  3. Document patient care using the DAP format and evaluate the effectiveness of their documented notes; and
  4. Determine strategies to implement what they have learned in this module to their practice.

We recommend that you review the PLOTTING THE “CHART” tool from the Chat, Check, Chart series as a supplement to this module.

Please note that, if you wish, you may print a certificate of completion at the end of this module. Simply follow the instructions where prompted. Once you have completed the course, you will be provided instructions within the module for generating a certificate.

Documenting Patient Care Module