Practice Assessment

A practice assessment is an evaluation of an individual pharmacist’s or pharmacy technician’s performance. The practice assessment occurs in the place of practice with a College practice advisor. The practice assessment is separate and distinct from a pharmacy assessment.

Designated Practice Assessment (DPA) Site

Part A pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are asked to identify a practice site in Ontario where they provide patient care and where their practice assessment will take place. This Designated Practice Assessment (DPA) site may be the same as, or different from, their primary place of practice. If a registrant has multiple practice sites, the registrant can select the site they prefer as their DPA site.
Registrants can change their DPA site at any time through their online profile. This information must be up to date as the College and practice advisors depend on the accuracy of this information to schedule and attend the practice assessment.

Selection Criteria

All Part A pharmacists and pharmacy technicians will be randomly selected for a practice assessment approximately every four to six years.