Remote Dispensing and Operating Internet Sites

Remote Dispensing

The Drug and Pharmacies Regulation Act (DPRA) permits an accredited community pharmacy to operate a remote dispensing location (RDL), where drugs may be dispensed or sold under the supervision of a pharmacist who is not physically present on the premises. To open and operate a RDL, the pharmacy owner must apply for an amendment to the pharmacy’s certification of accreditation.

The RDL can be an automated pharmacy system (APS) approved by the Board or a dispensary staffed by a pharmacy technician. Every standard for accreditation that applies to a pharmacy applies to a RDL, and there are additional standards to be met, including having a live two-way audio-visual link to the operating pharmacy.

Pharmacies Operating Internet Sites

The internet is unregulated and websites selling drugs may claim to be from Ontario or Canada by using false and misleading information. In Ontario, certificates of accreditation are issued only to “bricks and mortar” pharmacies, and are not issued to stand-alone virtual or online pharmacies. A website that indicates it is based in Ontario and/or operated by an accredited Ontario pharmacy can be verified by checking the public register: Find a Pharmacy/Pharmacy Professional