Discipline Decisions

There are three places you can access decisions of the Ontario College of Pharmacists Discipline Committee.

If you know the name of the registrant:

The Find a Pharmacy/Professional tool, also known as the College’s public register, can be used to look up a pharmacist or pharmacy technician’s profile. On their profile, you will find a summary of any current allegations or previous findings of misconduct, incompetence or incapacity. You can also view any terms, conditions or limitations on their certification of registration.

The public register is updated daily.

Access the public register.

If you are looking for summaries of recent decisions:

We publish edited summaries of Discipline Committee decisions in our digital magazine, Pharmacy Connection. Summaries are published quarterly and reflect decisions made in the previous few months. You can find discipline summaries starting in February 2018.

Access discipline summaries on PharmacyConnection.ca.

If you are looking for full or historical decisions:

We publish full decisions of the Discipline Committee on the Canadian Legal Information Institute (CanLII). Decisions are provided from October 2009 onwards.

We are currently experiencing a temporary delay in posting decisions to CanLII. If there is a specific discipline decision that you would like to access that is not currently available on CanLII, please reach out to our Hearings Team at hearingsoffice@ocpinfo.com for assistance.

Access discipline decisions on CanLII.